Thursday, 16 October 2014


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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Me-Made-May 2014

As May has been spectacularly busy for me, I thought I would put all my Me-Made pictures into one post as regular blogging has just been impossible for me.  I am excited to be getting back to sewing and blogging though now that things have calmed down a bit.  (Apologise for the messy bedroom/ camera phone shots but I have misplaced my camera charger in the move!)

 3rd May - Wore my yellow daisy dress on a very sunny day off where I managed a bit of geocaching and some wedding decoration making.
Yellow Daisy Dress
7th May - I wore my strawberry shirt for a day of sewing bunting, making decorations and general wedding preparations.  This is a super busy week with our wedding on Saturday and we are doing it all ourselves so we have a lot of running around picking up glasses and plates, decorating the scout hall where we are holding it, making 25+ metres of bunting, finishing sewing the bridesmaid dresses and making a few adjustments to my wedding dress.  Phew!
Strawberry Shirt
10th May - WEDDING DAY!!!!   

 Disclaimer:  I did not make my wedding dress but I did alter it.  I saw this 1950's dress on Etsy and I fell in love with it, even though it was far too small for me.  I bought it anyway and figured out that if I added lacing to the back then it would fit.  I was and still am really pleased with the finished dress, it felt beautiful and flattering on which is the whole point of a wedding dress right?

Back lacing
 I would highly recommend altering a dress in this way if like me you do not have a vintage waist.  It was quick and easy to do (though lacing it up isn't!) and best of all it could be easily reversed and the original zip could be put back in afterwards if required.
I don't have my professional pictures back yet but as soon as I do there will be a proper wedding post with all the handmade details.  The bridesmaids were wearing genuine me-made.  When we started wedding planning the bridesmaid dresses were the one thing I was absolutely certain of what I wanted.  They actually turned out really well and I am pretty sure all the girls were happy wearing them.

11th/12th May - I'm married!!!!  Yay!  This is one of my favourite dresses I have made so I wore it for our post-wedding BBQ with our immediate families.  We had an fantastic day and the BBQ was a great way to wind down and spend a bit of extra time with our families before they travelled home.  We ended up staying at the house where we held the party so I actually wore this for 2 days!  Smelly!
Red New Girl Dress
20th May - Another beautiful day in Swansea so I pulled out this dress.  It is rather tight in the bust area now but I can't resist wearing it as I still love the horses around the hem.  We had a little mini-honeymoon where we visited Sam's sister in Durham who had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy and consequently couldn't make the wedding.  We had a lovely time, with lots of walking and visiting a few sites and holding new baby Harry.
Carousel Dress 

27th May - Wore my nautical skirt to write thank you notes, clean the house and prepare for my best friends wedding.
Nautical Circle Skirt

31st May - Another wedding!  This time it is my best friend and my chief bridesmaids turn.  She had her dress and the bridesmaid dresses handmade by her maid of honours mum (complicated! heehee) so I feel I can include them here.  She really is an amazing dressmaker and the dresses were so bright and beautiful they really show up well in the photos.  

Beautiful bride and groom
What a month!  I'm hoping to get the old sewing machine churning again soon, though it has been nice to have a break from manic wedding sewing.  I would have liked to get a few more outfits in as there are some things I haven't worn but sometimes it is too easy to throw on the same old outfits every morning.  I definitely need to gear my future sewing towards casual day dresses and I would like to make some work appropriate blouses I can wear too.  I no longer have to wear a uniform to work (yay promotion!) but I am finding it very difficult to find comfortable durable and smart blouses.  The shops are full of lovely chiffon and sheer tops but these just won't work for me are I need something more hard wearing that I won't tear or rip.  So let the pattern/fabric hunt begin!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I, Sarah (sorbetsurprise) sign up as a participant in Me-Made-May 14. I will endeavour to wear me-made or refashioned clothing at least 12 times during me made May!

 Last year I said twice a week, so I am upping my total number of outfits this time. I don't have that many new me-mades that are suitable for everyday wear but I am honeymooning during May so can wear more of my own clothing!  Also I no longer have to wear a uniform to work, just office wear now, though I haven't as yet made myself anything for work, though it is on my to-do list!  I am excited that my wedding falls during May and I have cheated a little by adding 'refashioned' to my me-made as technically I have refashioned my wedding dress!  Plus my I am making my lovely bridesmaids their dresses too!  (Hence the quiet time on the blog!  Lots of secret projects under way.)

If you want to join in head over to So Zo to pledge.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

House tour!

While considering buying our own house (yippee!!) I took a LOT of photos to show our various relatives of the house we ended up buying so I thought I would share some of them here.  The house needed total redecoration and we have done a fair bit of building work too but it is by no means finished.  Trying to plan (and pay for) a wedding at the same time as doing up our house/moving in has meant we have lots of started but not-really-finished projects.  These are the before pictures though, before we had done anything at all to the house.

We didn't think we would get as much house for our money as we have ended up with and the hallway is really big.  (Though dark here due to the '70's wood panelling and carpet.)
 The front room featured textured wallpaper, a plastic faux log effect gas fire and the thickest greenish-murky shag carpet I have EVER seen!  Said carpet was the first thing I wanted to get rid of when we moved in but alas 2 months down the line and it is the only carpet remaining from original!  In the end we decided the carpet was better than the concrete floor in the front room as we do spend a fair bit of time there but I still can't wait to change it.
Back room.  The house was a little bit odd as it almost had two living rooms.  It was built in the 1920's so then they would most likely have had a sitting room for best which was only used on Sunday's and I imagine this back room would get most use.  A slightly more modern fire in this one but an uglier fireplace unfortunately.  Oh and the carpet!
The kitchen was absolutely tiny.  Doesn't look too bad here?  Well this is it.  At the edge of the picture is the door leading in and behind me is a wall.  This was all the units the previous family had and I can tell you it is HARD to cook in a kitchen that size!
Upstairs then, is this lovely landing.  I really think this is part of what sold the house to us.  It is large enough for a sofa and really quite spacious.
The main bedroom is a similar shape to the front room and pretty large.  It is a bit of a pain being a strange shape as it is hard to know where to put the bed.
The back bedroom has the lovely little original fireplace which I just wish was in the main bedroom.  Bonus new boiler in here too.
Luckily, unlike everywhere else, the bathroom has seen some modernisation and has a pretty good shower too.  This is the only room we haven't done anything to and won't need to in the near future.

So there it is!  Our very own first home.  Seeing these pictures makes me realise we have done quite a lot to the house already even if it does seem like slow progress sometimes.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sewlutions Round Up 2013

Back in January I thought it would be a great idea to enter Karen of 'Did you make that?'s Sewlution sewing resolution jar.  What was my Sewlution?

"I would love to enter my resolution! I will make 5 garments from my current ‘To Do’ list. I have very little time to sew now I have 2 jobs so this will be a big challenge for me."

So how did I do?  

New Girl Red Dress
Sorbetto PJ Top
Apple of my Eye Dress
Uh Oh!  I only managed to complete 3 garments!  I am sorry Mistress of the Jar I have failed my resolution!  To be honest I thought I had missed it by a lot more than 2 garments as I have not had a lot of sewing time this year due to:

a) buying a house 
b) moving into said house 
c) totally re-decorating above house (lots of house related stuff I know!)
d) completing my fast track supervisor training program (which squeezed a years worth of learning into 3 months)
e) planning our wedding!

None of those things were really on my radar last January so considering all that I don't think I have done too badly!  I haven't been completely idle with the sewing, I did manage to create a few other non-garment pieces.
London Underground Cushions

I am very much looking forward to improving on this and completing next years Sewlution!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Apple of My Eye Dress

Our house sale finally went through and we now have the keys in our hot little hands so I will be on a sewing break for a while now until we have decorated and moved in.  Progress pics will be popping up soon!

Here are the details on my polka dot dress for the recent wedding I attended.  I used Simplicity 3780 which is a vintage re-print pattern which I have made before for my sister and it turned out really well.  I really want to use this for my own bridesmaid dresses too so this was a good trial run.
Myself and the bride
I used an awesome polka dot print fabric (saved in my Pinterest for ages!) with some of the dots actually made of little apples!  I was a bridesmaid and we got to pick our own dresses so I just had to make mine.  Unfortunately I didn't buy enough of the fabric (I really should have read the envelope rather than assuming I knew how much fabric I used last time) so I only used the pattern for the bodice and just made a simple gathered skirt.  The fabric is by Riley Blake and called 'Apple of my Eye' which I thought was a good name for my dress as I am so pleased with it.
Myself and Amy
I used a plain white cotton for the halterneck band and some sweet little glass buttons from my grandmothers button box which made it that little extra bit special.  I did try to pattern match the bodice but it didn't really work when I cam to sew it up.  I did manage to get the front piece to frame a little apple at the top though.
I am really pleased with how it turned out and the wedding was pretty much on the last day of summer so I didn't look that out of place in a summer dress.

The only problem with the gathered skirt is that it bunches around my waist and because I am holding my bouquet in each picture it doesn't really look like I have a waist!  In my bridesmaid dresses I will use the skirt pattern that came with the dress as the circle-shape is a lot more flattering.  I bought these gorgeous cream coloured wedges as I didn't want to sink into the soft earth and they worked a treat.  Unfortunately they are nearly the same colour as my pale legs so they don't really show up in the pictures!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wedding Daze

I love a wedding.  Seriously I LOVE them!  I love all the random crazy little things that brides have sent hours obsessing over like place cards and favours and I love crying at the vows and laughing at the speeches.  Going to weddings reminds me why I am planning my own when I get bogged down in the details, it is the overall air of love, happiness and lifetime commitment which I love most of all, not whether the napkins match the tablecloths.

These are some images I took of Kylie and Matt's relaxed garden wedding in Oxfordshire.  Such a different non-traditional wedding from anything I have ever been too.

Get ready for a picture dump!
Father of the Bride and the Bride 
 Kylie's dress was an original 1950's party dress with gorgeous rhinestones on the bodice which I LOVE.  Her hair and make up was done by her very talented friends which I got to meet for the first time prepping for the wedding.
 Our gorgeous bridesmaid bouquets, made by some of the bridesmaids themselves!
Amy, bridesmaid, and Kylie
 Excitement at arriving at the venue and pulling a 'Kylie face.'  We soon discovered that the bride could not stop giggling through the ceremony, at least until the point she started crying instead!
 The bride and groom.  Look at those happy faces!  What they wore really reflected their personalities and there was so much of 'them' in the ceremony and party.
Bridesmaids, Best Man, Bride and Groom
 The four bridesmaids (that's me on the end and a sneak peek of my finished Apple dress) didn't have a dress code, we just wore what we liked (though some coordinated in advance!) and we had sweet flower crowns and bouquets too.
 They had looooads of pretty and colourful decorations hung everywhere around the venue and I love this picture of lanterns, fans and birdies!
 Th tables were named after mythical creatures and we were on the Dragon table roar!!
 Kylie hand made the glittery stars and the chiffon fabric really made it feel magical without blocking all the light.  We had fabulous BBQ food served family style and I loved the roasted peppers and homemade coleslaw.
 There were lots of garden games including mini golf and, of course, jenga and there were so many little photo op places around the grounds, see the bench with lanterns behind?  These lit up at night and there were fairy lights everywhere.  It was so magical!
 As you can see Kylie is a really good sport and we just had to take a few photos are the place, there are many more like this (one of a crazy dwarf beard that appeared during some manic dancing) we all had a brilliant time and I can't wait to see Kylie and Matt again soon.